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Nice kebab

Stephen, 12 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you

I like the food from there it’s always fresh and nice It’s always quick and friendly good service

Abdou, 11 Dec 2020

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Offer 10% off order but no where to apply the code (G10)

Karina, 05 Dec 2020

Don't know where to put in promo code

Lilin, 25 Nov 2020


Karen, 12 Sep 2020

Everything is spot on

Alia, 22 Jul 2020

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Nice to be back

Mark Butler, 14 Jul 2020

  Reply : Welcome back

Food is always good and the delivery is always quick. My favourite takeaway

Chris Harrison, 11 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Lovely, fresh clean food with polite service. Perfect

Amanda, 06 Jul 2020

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Everything good but no salad and request for no tomatoes in the fattosh was missed, still very tasty and quick delivery.

Darren, 06 Jul 2020

  Reply : Sorry Thank you

If only speed could be faster.

Ian, 03 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Easy website. Food ready quick & always great.

Simon, 23 Jun 2020

Call when you’re near

Tom , 12 Jun 2020

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Lovely food but slow delivery time. 1st time we ordered it was 15 minutes over the 55 minutes stated.

Ian, 22 May 2020

Requested (and paid for) additional topping (olives) on pizza but not added, otherwise all good - delivered within the 55 mins, as advertised, hot and tasty.

Alan, 22 May 2020

Lovely thank you

Sarah, 02 May 2020

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Credit where credits due, lovely

Kevin, 29 Apr 2020

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Why is there a service charge of 40p and what is it for as you are already charging £2 for delivery ? We are paying by cash and it is illegal to charge for using a card?

Kami Kundi, 26 Apr 2020

Great place to order from , always great food we always get our order from here love the food , thank you .

Sabrina, 24 Apr 2020

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Best kebab ever I tasted in town. So fresh so tasty.

Hichem, 03 Mar 2020

up to now always first class

Frank, 26 Feb 2020


Lee, 19 Feb 2020

A lovely Donner kebab. Many thanks :-)

Peter, 30 Jan 2020

  Reply : You’re welcome

Better than using Just Eat

Gary, 19 Jan 2020

I always ask little bit of cheese on pizza, but some very professional persons can’t read properly and put extra double cheese ...

Oksana Twentyfivep, 12 Jan 2020

I've been buying from Gosforth Flame for years and overall I do like the quality of the pizza. Sometimes it does arrive undercooked and rushed however, so I always have to ask in the comments to make sure it's well cooked. The thin crust bases are a bit too thick for my liking too.

Callum, 12 Jan 2020